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Centre for Advanced Studies and Thoughts (CAST) is an independent, non-profit organization based in Dhaka. CAST began its journey in 2023 to conduct advanced and quality research, consultancy, and training in many fields. CAST has been prioritizing these focus areas: environment, climate change, hazards, and disasters; public policy and governance; socio-economic issues; public health; and geopolitics. CAST is working to contribute to creating a sustainable and beautiful future through advanced and quality research and consultancy in partnership with government agencies, INGOs, local NGOs, donor agencies, and various academic and research institutions.

Message from Executive Director

All Human beings are born free and equal in dignity and Rights, but due to the Gender Stereotypes and different social norms Women are not being treated equally and their Human rights and dignity are violated in many ways. They are being victim of different types of violation on the basis of their Gender & Sex and this infringement is carefully started from the family to National life, undoubtedlythis culture is almost similar around the world.

I dream for a world where both Man and Women will be treated equally so ‘SheEqaul’ is my little initiative started from my own aspiration to combat Genderdiscrimination,inequality and empower Women and Girls to raise their voice against any kinds of abuse & harassment. Notably I want to educate and train up young generations to come out from a traditional gender myth and receiving gender knowledgeto act for an equal world because an equal is a better world for everyone.

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